Terms and Conditions

Portland Stone LTD does not accept any of the following items in their skips without explicit prior permission: mattresses (no more than 1x mattress is permitted), plasterboard, asbestos, gas bottles, fire extinguishers, aerosols, cylinders of any type, tyres, oil, oil drums, paint tins, fridges, freezers, televisions, monitors, fluorescent lights, batteries, and any poisonous, hazardous, combustible, or polluting substances or containers that have contained said substances.

If any of the above items are found in the skip, the hirer will be contacted and either charged accordingly for the safe disposal of those items or be asked to collect said items if permitted by Portland Stone LTD to do so. Re-delivery of offending items can be arranged as an alternative, but Portland Stone LTD reserves the right to charge for this service if it is deemed necessary.

All tasks should be completed within 15 minutes of the driver’s arrival to site (30 minutes for “Wait & Load” operations and grab hire). The hirer should take measures before the arrival of a Portland Stone LTD vehicle to remove any obstacles that would hinder the driver from performing the requested task. If the 15-minute allocated time is exceeded due to the hirer’s negligence, additional costs will be applied.

Loads must be no higher than the tallest part of the skip and must be made level and safe to carry by the hirer before collection is arranged. There must be no over-hanging items protruding from the skip. Failure to comply may result in the task being abandoned and/or additional charges being applied.

The hirer must not burn any material inside the skip. If any damage, excluding normal wear and tear, occurs due to the hirer’s negligence, appropriate charges will be applied. In the event of the destruction, loss, theft, or damage beyond reasonable repair of any skip whilst in the hirer’s possession, the replacement value of that skip will be charged to the hirer.

Drivers are instructed not to drive over footpaths, driveways, grass verges, or other soft or landscaped ground and are not permitted to lift skips over walls, fences, barriers, or any other obstructions, nor to place skips onto raised embankments or sloped areas. Should the hirer request the driver to perform any of the above tasks and damage is caused (with the exception of damage caused by the driver’s negligence), Portland Stone LTD will not be liable. Should damage be caused to Portland Stone LTD’s vehicle or property when performing any of the above tasks under the hirer’s instruction and supervision, the hirer will be held responsible and will occur additional costs.

The hirer is advised to take preventative measures to protect paving slabs, manhole covers and other protective or superficial covers before delivery or collection is performed. Portland Stone LTD will not be held accountable should the hirer fail to do so and damage occurs, except in the event of the driver’s negligence.

Portland Stone LTD’s vehicles require an area of at least 3.10 metres width and 3.90 metres height. The site of delivery or collection must have an access of sufficient dimensions to allow passage of the vehicle and have a surface capable of withstanding 18.00 tonnes (26.00 tonnes for grab hire). Site must also have a safe and adequate turning/manoeuvring/working area. Should the criteria detailed not be met, the hirer will be responsible for any damage caused to either the hirer’s or Portland Stone LTD’s property as a result.

The hirer will instruct the driver (acting as an agent of Portland Stone LTD) where to deposit the skip. The driver and hirer will both determine the safety and possibility of the hirer’s instruction, although the sole responsibility and liability lies with the hirer. If a skip is deposited under the hirer’s instruction, and the hirer wishes for the skip to be moved after the driver has left site, then additional costs will apply.